Who We Are

Al Wasl International Group Advocates & Legal Consultants

One of the most efficient and competent offices in the Egypt and  United Arab Emirates and specialized in providing all comprehensive legal services through its Egypt and headquarters located in Sheikh Zayed Road, Al-Hawai Tower,UAE  and through its branches outside the Egypt.

The Office works to establish database for clients by providing legal services for multiple segments and communicating with them in all forms of transactions, especially business transactions for companies and businessmen effectively, efficiently and transparently.

We also have extensive relationships with banks and leading companies in the EGYPT , UAE  and other countries, which will enhance our clients’ confidence that their rights and interests are in safe

Our success as a law firm has made it our responsibility to provide legal services to our clients and to communicate with them continuously to achieve their goals in a timely and effective manner. We also draw on our strength and success from the professional competencies of our team in the field of legal knowledge as well as the accumulated legal expertise in this field

We also make efforts to represent our clients in their cases before all the courts in the EGYPT & UAE as well as in all our branches outside the country, in addition to representing our clients before regional and international arbitration centers and bodies. We also have the professional and technical capabilities to conclude all types of contracts and agreements. We also commit ourselves to represent our clients in the area of dispute resolution through mediation and amicably settlement as effective means of resolving disputes. This is to avoid conflicts between parties for the purpose of early resolution, which is one of the goals of the legal practices of our office. Before resorting to judicial means.

We also have the legal capacity through the legal expertise of our team to provide advice and legal consultancy to our clients in all branches of law, including civil and commercial disputes, financial and banking transactions, legal and corporate advisory services, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and emerging cases, securities market transactions, telecommunications cases, technology, unfair competition, energy cases, intellectual property rights, media and entertainment activities real estate activities, investment and labor disputes, civil and criminal cases, insurance, construction, leases and maritime law

Our vision and mission is that the growth and prosperity of business depends on plans, objectives and strategies. In our estimation, the success of the business is largely related to the legal framework as legal protection supports business and ensures its continued success. We understand very well that legal action must be preventive before it is remedial, so we see the importance of continuous business engagement with the legal aspect, and the legal act must be of a quality in the legal product provided.

We are keen to provide all legal services in the criminal field in a timely manner and adhere to the standards of integrity, transparency and excellence in the provision of legal services. We also strive to preserve the rights and interests of clients and their acquisitions and to inform them of all the details of the work and legal tasks that we do for them in keeping with everything that is new in the field of legal services. Choosing the right law firm to represent you and represent your interests in a climate of challenge is the most important decision to strengthen the legal positions of your interests. You always need a law firm that understands all the developments in the world in all fields. We are able to deliver results that satisfy our clients in a way that is fully compliant with the requirements and needs of our clients and with high international standards. We recognize that our success in our mission depends in large part on the quality of our relationships with our clients and the ability to coordinate with them. We always emphasize listening to our clients through daily appointments as well as direct communication (telephone, e-mail, messaging) and interaction is important to ensure that the task assigned to us is handled effectively in record time

We always select the best lawyers and professional consultants. We emphasize that our lawyers’ expertise is dedicated to provide the best legal services in the various legal fields. We are committed to save time and money of our clients and protecting their interests by working continuously to follow up legal amendments in various fields in order to ensure legal advice; along with the absolute preservation of the confidentiality and interests of our clients, and committed to all ethics of the profession of law such as confidentiality and honesty and to do the utmost effort and take care of the interests of clients.

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